On July 1, 2023, the Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship merged with the EAEF (Elkin Academic Enrichment Foundation) to form the EEF (Elkin Educational Foundation). As a merged organization, we cannot thank Mr. Gilmer Hinson enough for the astounding donation he made to the Foundation. Students of Elkin City Schools will be benefitting from his generosity for generations to come.

Elkin Academic Enrichment Foundation Inc. (EAEF)

We would like to thank ALL of the teachers who have applied for grants.  Grants will be awarded to teachers at the elementary, middle, and high schools to support innovation in the classroom!

Photo above:  grant winners at Elkin Elementary School

Grants to Teachers

Grants are designed to fund educational innovations by teachers that are not fundable through the school’s general budget. Grants have been awarded to every school in the system to enhance and inspire student learning.


The EAEF hosts an annual BINGO fundraiser each year at the Elkin Elementary School. Other events are held from time to time, such as a Draw Down fundraiser. Please stay tuned for upcoming events, and we hope you will join us to ensure we have funding to meet all exciting grant needs.

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