The Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship was established by the alumni of Elkin High School in November of 2020. It is now a division of EAEF.

The mission of the scholarship is to assist economically-disadvantaged students and graduates of Elkin High School to pursue a degree/certification in a vocational-technical field that research has indicated is critically needed in the larger Elkin/Tri-County Community. 

In our research, we have found that there is an extreme shortage of skilled workers needed by business and industry in our area, and the lack of a skilled workforce may be preventing new industry from locating here.  Below is a table we have compiled to show the number of job openings in critical occupations in our area.

Skilled Workers Needed in Surry & Surrounding Counties Number Needed
Nurses 853
Truck Drivers (CDL) 456
Maintenance/Repair 268
Electricians/Electronics 153
Auto Technicians/Mechanics 147
Plumbers 99
Welders 88
HVAC (Heating/Air Conditioning) 87
Machinists/Mechatronics 86
Diesel Mechanics 47
**Statistics from Surry County Economic Development Partnership & NC Works

 In the third year of granting scholarships, the scholarship committee has awarded 26 scholarships to students studying in the following areas:  Computerized Machining, Electrical Systems, Electronics, Nursing, Medical Technology, Law Enforcement, Commercial Art, Welding, IT/Networking and Business.  Scholarships are awarded in May of each year. To apply, see Kerri Mullis, Guidance Counselor at Elkin High School.