Grant Request Submission Form

Grantmaking priorities for fall 2023:

  • Projects with focus on classroom innovation.
  • Projects that benefit as many students as possible.
  • Projects with measurable results and well-defined goals.
  • Items that can be used for multiple years.
  • At this time, we will not fund furniture, field trips, computers, professional development, or travel.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Recipients shall be required to submit at least one photo and a half page summary of the use of the grants by Dec 31, 2023.
  • Fall 2023 submission deadline is October 1st.
  • Grant money awarded for the fall round of funding must be used by the last day of the first semester or returned to EAEF. (All money awarded prior to 2023 must be used by October 28th, 2023 or returned to EAEF)

Feel free to attach documents such as timelines, budgets, photographs, etc. that help justify your project. Supporting documents may be emailed to [email protected]