Our Mission

The Elkin Educational Foundation Inc. (EEF) supports the educational programs of Elkin City Schools as students prepare for college and careers in a global economy. The primary focus of the EEF is to enhance and support the academic programs provided for all students. The EAEF is a vital resource for the acceptance and solicitation of monetary gifts. This enables the school system to meet a number of diverse needs that could not be achieved solely with public funding. Through the approval of the EEF board, the foundation grants funds for academic programs, technology innovation and support, educational materials, and overall teaching innovations. Through these grants, the EEF helps Elkin City Schools meet their goals and enhances the lives of staff and students.

Our Structure

The EEF is a charitable organization 501(c)(3). It is governed by board members including parents, administrators, alumni, and community members. Faculty, staff, and members of the business community provide much needed input and support. The EEF is a true reflection of a community that believes preparation for college and careers begins with an outstanding student-focused educational experience at Elkin City Schools.

Merger with the Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship

On July 1, 2023, the EAEF was merged with the Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship to create the EEF (Elkin Educational Foundation).  The merger of these two organizations has brought some changes in the management and structure of EAEF.  The officers of the Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship (BGAS) have been elected to become the officers of the EEF with Doug Reinhardt becoming the Executive Director of the amalgamated organization.  Since the EAEF already awards vocational-technical scholarships, the addition of BGAS expands that function to include internships and mentorship of scholarship winners through community college and into a good-paying occupation.

Thus, the expanded organization will have a two-fold mission that will 1) enable our students, while in school, to receive a better education, and 2) after they graduate, will support their education in a vocational-technical field that will be profitable for them and will serve community needs for skilled workers. It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN for our students, the school, and the community.

Meet the Team

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the team.

Jim Harrell, President     Rick Hurt, Vice President     Betty Holthouser, Secretary     Pratt Davis, Treasurer

Doug Reinhardt, Executive Director



Amanda Burton     Andrew Ange     Maureen McCartan     

Doug Hinson     Teresa Brown     Katy Reece     Jason Couch 

How can I help?

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